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who we are

Wishful Thinking Brewing Company is a brewery and taproom serving up high quality hospitality alongside high quality beer. We believe an agricultural product should be crafted from local agriculture, and our beers reflect that. As much as possible, Wishful Thinking Brewing Company works directly with farmers and producers in our area to ensure that our efforts are positively impacting the local farming community. Learn more about the local farms we work closely with:

Wishful Thinking is a sense of optimism and imagination - of experiencing new things. Whether it’s seeing the world, tasting new food or beer, or living life with more meaning. We aim to create an authentic sense of community through a brewery atmosphere that is full of both pleasure and contentment. We strive to continuously create a positive customer experience that is rooted in our attention to detail surrounding flavor, quality, aesthetics, sustainability, and love for our local community. Our beers tend to be paler and sessionable, falling in the lower ABV range. We recognize and respect the duty that we have to provide you with more than just well-crafted beer, though, and aim to continuously create product that inspires you - whether that's to achieve a goal, better the world, or simply be a good human.

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